with integrated collar on inside diameter, for piston application. split and non split design available.

they are easy to install, extremely durable and allow simple piston designs. although these rings are produced in a large range of diameters, intermediate sizes can be cut additionally from the next largest dimension.


not bolded symbols; please consult our technical for application limitations

category of profile

machined product only.

operating parameters & material

material temperature max. surface speed max. specific load
 POM -50 °C … +100 °C 4,0 m/s 25 N/mm2
PA -40 °C … +100 °C 4,0 m/s 25 N/mm2
 PTFE glass -200 °C … +200 °C 4,0 m/s 3 N/mm2
 PTFE bronze -200 °C … +200 °C 5,0 m/s 4,5 N/mm2
Phenolic Resin -40 °C … +130 °C 1,0 m/s 90 N/mm2

the stated operation conditions represent general indications. it is recommended not to use all maximum values simultaneously. surface speed limits apply only to the presence of adequate lubrication film.

2 POM up to ø260 mm, PA above ø260 mm

tolerance recommendation

seal housing tolerances
Ød h10
Ød1 h8

seal & housing recommendations

please note that we are able to produce those profiles to your specific need or any non standard housing. for detail measurements, please see Jet seal pars catalog…

don’t hesitate to contact our technical department for further information or for special requirements (temperature, speed etc.), so that suitable materi- als and/or designs can be recommended.