The Flange Seals FL03 is a simple designed symetrical seal for a wide range of static applications. It can be designed for axial and radial sealing.


  •  Simple seal design maintain low costs.
  •  Variable dimesions to be used also in special dimensioned grooves.  c:> Sealing over a wide range of pressures, temperatures and tolerances. c:> Wide application ranges.
  •  Simple mounting.
  •  Compact and simple grooves.
  •  Easy and cost saving constructions possible.


Static sealing (e.g. flanges)


Snap-in installation.

surface quality

surface roughness

Rtmax (μm)

Ra (μm)

sliding surface 6,3 1,6
bottom of groove 6,3 1,6
groove face 15 3

tolerance recommendation

tolerances [mm]
L < 10mm + 0.2
L ;:10mm + 0.3
ø NA H8
ø NI f7