O-Rings are used in widely differing technical areas, for instance as individual sealing elements in pneumatics and hydraulics, and as preload elements for seals and wipers. O- Rings are double acting, activated by the systempressure. The sealingeffect is generated by axial or radial preload. The preload of the O-ring is superposed by the hydraulic pressure, thus assuring the overall sealing pressure.


  •  Used for special dimensioned grooves.
  • Sealing over a wide range of pressures, temperatures and tolerances.
  • Simple and compact design.
  • Symmetrical profile cross section.
  •  Wide application ranges.
  • Simple mounting.
  •  Compact and simple grooves.
  • Easy and cost saving constructions possible.


Static sealing (e.g. flanges and threaded joints), rotation and linear movement applications with minor loads and small groove dimensions, preloadelement for PTFE seals and wipers.


Snap-in installation.

surface quality

surface roughness

Rtmax (μm)

Ra (μm)

sliding surface 6,3 1,6
bottom of groove 6,3 1,6
groove face 15 3

tolerance recommendation

tolerances [mm]
L + 0.2
ø NA H8
ø NI f8