Rotary seals are designed to seal the pressurized hydraulic fluid against the atmosphere, preventing leakage and pollution of the environment or to transfer liquids and/or gases from a stationary part into or out of rotating machinery.



c:>  The profile is designed with interference on the OD which provides a good static fit, preventing the entry of humidity and other contamination via the outside diameter.

c:>  Tight seat in the housing and an additional retainer ring in hard plastic or

Aluminium/Steel ensures that the seal is held in place.

c:>  Tension spring for increasing the bonding force.

c:>  Not suitable for high pressure from the trailing side.




Pumps, electric motors, swiveling cylinders, etc.

Max. pressure 0,5 bar, max. speed: PU/POM 5 m/s; NBR/POM 10m/s; FPM/PTFE 25m/s.




press-in installation; separate installation of retainer ring and elastomer part possible.