Symmetrical piston/rod seals are designed to seal the pressurized hydraulic fluid against the atmosphere or between two pressurized spaces.


  •  Symmetrical, single acting piston/rod seal, no interference on the ID or OD.
  •  Wider groove and softer lips compared to PRS06.
  • Excellent static and dynamic sealing performance.
  • Excellent performance in low pressure conditions.
  • Useable for long stroke lengths.
  •  Negligible tendency to “stick-slip” effect above a speed of 0.15 m/s.


Reciprocating pistons/rods in hydraulic cylinders, plungers etc. where low friction is required.

Universal piston / rod seal for small extrusion gaps and minor work loads. Max. pressure 160 bar, max. speed 0.5 m/s.


Snap-in installation

surface quality

surface roughness

Rtmax (μm)

Ra (μm)

sliding surface ≤2,5 ≤0,1-0,5
bottom of groove ≤6,3 ≤1,6
groove face ≤15 ≤3

tolerance recommendation

seal housing tolerances
Ød f8
ØD H10