scraper ring, mainly used in combination with wiper WR 07. firmly clinging dirt and extremely heavy soiling (mud, tar, ice) is wiped off, following elastomeric wiper is protected from damage. recommended materials provide good dry running proper- ties, high stiffness and breaking strenght.

  • this design has been developed as a scraper ring and is used in combination with

WR 07 wipers.

  • housing fit required is H9.
  • the recommended materials offer good dry running properties, as well as high stiffness, stability and breaking strength.


not bolded symbols; please consult our technical for application limitations

category of profile

machined only.

single acting

area of application: hydraulics & pneumatics

reciprocating on working cylinders with hard and encrusted dirt in combination with WR 07.


WR 07 wipers are designed to scrape off hard and encrusted dirt in front of the wiper, thereby protecting the elastomer wiper from dam- age.

for detailed information regarding chemical resistance please refer to our “list of resistance”.

surface quality

surface roughness

Rtmax (μm)

Ra (μm)

sliding surface according to seal data
bottom of groove ≤6,3 ≤1,6
groove face ≤15 ≤3

tolerance recommendation

seal housing tolerances
L 0.2
ØD1 ±0,1
ØD h9

mode of installation

the wiper can be snapped in. prerequisite is the correct design of the groove geometry. the diameter of the retaining step should be approx.

1 mm smaller than the outside diameter. a corresponding chamfer is required for fitting. usually, a thickness of 2 to 2.5mm should be sufficient. for a more sturdy design, retaining rings may be required.

seal & housing recommendations

please note that we are able to produce those profiles to your specific need or any non standard housing. for detail measurements, please see jet seal pars catalog…


don’t hesitate to contact our technical department for further information or for special requirements (temperature, speed etc.), so that suitable materi- als and/or designs can be recommended.