the WR 12 combination wiper seal without metal reinforcement with special pneu- matic sealing edge.

the WR 12 type has a step profile that will facilitate the installation especially for the small diameters. this wiper has a rounded  wiping lip.


not bolded symbols; please consult our technical for application limitations

category of profile

machined or molded/standard/trade product.

double acting

area of application: pneumatic

small cylinders.


  • combination seal with minimal space requirements, which seals inwards  and wipes outwards.
  • the special pneumatic sealing edge gives very good tightness with low friction and maintains an effective lubricating film.
  • material with high wear resistance for PU 85 shore A.
  • both functions, sealing and wiping, are performed by a single seal.
  • low assembly costs, easier storage.
  • clean line finish and full function at minimal space requirement.
  • adapted to CETOP dimensions.
  • recess simple and economical to manufacture.
  • no additional axial adjustment required.
  • due to special lip geometry combined with specially developed compounds, the rod seal/wiper profile A11-SC can be used with dry and oil-free air after initial lubrication on assembly.
  • smooth running thanks to optimal balance of sealing lips.
  • no danger of corrosion as the part is made of polymeric material.


dry or lubricated air, mineral  oils and greases, non-aggressive gases.

surface quality

surface roughness

Rtmax (μm)

Ra (μm)

sliding surface according to seal data
bottom of groove ≤6,3 ≤1,6
groove face ≤15 ≤3

tolerance recommendation

seal housing tolerances
d f9
D H10
cs R [mm]
≤ 5 max. 0,3
>5…….≤ 7,5 max. 0,4
>7,5….≤ 10 max. 0,6
> 10 max. 0,8

fitting & installation

careful fitting is a prerequisite  for the correct function of the seal. the WR 12  for small cylinders can be snapped by hand into the housing grooves provided, with the piston rod removed. it is important to remove all sharp edges from the groove and cylinder to prevent damage to the seals.

seal & housing recommendations

please note that we are able to produce those profiles to your specific need or any non standard housing. for detail measurements, please see jet seal pars catalog…

don’t hesitate to contact our technical department for further information or for special requirements (temperature, speed etc.), so that suitable materi- als and/or designs can be recommended.