two-piece double wiper consisting of dynamic wiper ring and a static O-ring.


not bolded symbols; please consult our technical for application limitations

category of profile

machined or molded/standard/trade product.

single acting

area of application: hydraulics

hydraulic  systems, reciprocal movements, medium dirt load.


the WR 13-E2 is a double  function wiper with a sharp wiping edge, a sealing lip on the medium side and an O-ring as a energizing element. this double function consists of wiping the dirt from the surface of the descending piston rod on the one hand and on the other, that the remaining oil film is retained and returned to the system with the next descent. the special shape of this wiper makes it very robust. due to the very good slide properties of PTFE, it is applied for short strokes, high stroke speed and frequency. it is not suitable for use with an extreme dirt load.


hydraulic  oils acc. to DIN 51524/51525, lubricating  oils, other mineral oil based fluids  and HFA, HFB, HFC highly non-flammable hydraulic fluids acc. to VDMA 24317.

operating parameters & material

the stated operation conditions represent general indications. it is recommended not to use all maximum  values simultaneously. surface speed limits apply only to the presence of adequate lubrication film.

mode of installation

the prerequisites for perfect functioning are careful fitting and an accurately dimensioned mounting space. in general, wipers snap easily into their housings when distorted into a kidney shape (over 20mm diameter). a large insertion chamfer must be provided (20-30°, length= (D-d)/4).

surface quality

surface roughness Rtmax (μm) Ra (μm)
sliding surface according to seal data
bottom of groove ≤6,3 ≤1,6
groove face ≤15 ≤3

tolerance recommendation

seal housing tolerances
L +0,2

seal & housing recommendations

please note that we are able to produce those profiles to your specific need or any non standard housing. for detail measurements, please see jet seal pars catalog

don’t hesitate to contact our technical department for further information or for special requirements (temperature, speed etc.), so that suitable materi- als and/or designs can be recommended.